“What is straight?
    A line can be straight,
    or a street,
        but the human heart,
        oh, no,
        it’s curved like a road
        through mountains.”

– Tennessee Williams

On occasion, a story comes to life that simply refuses to go away. The first rendition of this piece began in 2006 and continued for a time but was never completed and was subsequently discarded as unreadable and unworthy (in my opinion). However, I recently decided to revamp and rewrite it, from beginning to end, because it has consistently nagged at the back of my mind for the last decade. It is a story that insists on being told.

Denial is a lonely path. Lack of honesty is divisive. And self-loathing is a destructive force that’s difficult to overcome. ‘Dissonance’ is a tale that centers around Ben Mansfield and Travis Cooper: two characters from very different backgrounds who, after a chance meeting one night, must learn to face the discordant elements that have fractured their lives and prevented them from finding love and acceptance – especially within themselves.

Follow along and see how the events unfold. We’ll discover it together.

Cheers –