Chapter Twelve (part two)

Ben studied his reflection in the full-length, three-sided mirror, admiring the jacket he'd slung over himself. It was a vintage 1950s western-style black gabardine piece, in like-new condition, adorned with ivory filigree embroidery braiding, arrow details around the pockets, and pearl, diamond-shaped snap buttons lining up the front. The style shouted retro-rockabilly with a hint … Continue reading Chapter Twelve (part two)


Chapter Twelve (part one)

"Mason called while you were out." Curtis' voice was sharp, and he pushed a torn slip of paper at Travis the moment he exited from Red Cloud's stall. Reluctantly, Travis took the note and glanced down at it, and from where Ben stood a few feet away, he noticed distress fall over the guy's face. … Continue reading Chapter Twelve (part one)