Chapter Thirteen (part two)

Splinters from the weathered exterior wall caught at the fabric of Ben's shirt, poking through to his skin as he leaned up against them. He was attempting to catch a small pocket of shade near the stables while the phone call from Melanie rambled on. Miraculously, the Blackberry had survived being thrown like a missile … Continue reading Chapter Thirteen (part two)


Chapter Twelve (part two)

Ben studied his reflection in the full-length, three-sided mirror, admiring the jacket he'd slung over himself. It was a vintage 1950s western-style black gabardine piece, in like-new condition, adorned with ivory filigree embroidery braiding, arrow details around the pockets, and pearl, diamond-shaped snap buttons lining up the front. The style shouted retro-rockabilly with a hint … Continue reading Chapter Twelve (part two)